Pipeline Risk Management. 

No Waiting. 

With on-demand risk assessments, you can use your resources where they matter most...in the field. 

When it comes to managing risk, there are tools out there that claim to help. But, many of them still require a huge up-front investment of time or money just to get started. 

We think it's time for a different approach. 


As an optional module for Converge, Risk Manager is the only pipeline integrity solution that delivers on-demand risk scores for every pipeline in Western Canada. It is fully built using GDM Pipelines' industry-leading data so you can trust the results to help you create and manage effective pipeline integrity programs. 

With Converge Risk Manager, you can...

On-demand pipeline risk scores

Access on-demand risk scores for every pipeline in Western Canada

No data input required

Get started right away...no data input is required

Detailed risk profiles

View detailed risk profiles for individual pipelines

Customize risk weightings

Customize factor weightings to reflect your company's risk tolerances

Mitigtion effectiveness

Adjust mitigation effectiveness values to update risk scores based on operational practices

Risk Layer.png

View Pipeline Risk on the Map

View your pipelines in the map displayed by color, according to their risk score. 

For more information, turn on background layers to see factors that impact the consequence score such as Population Density, Land Use, Aboriginal Lands and Protected Areas. 

Generate an Instant Risk Assessment

With the click of a button, instantly see your company's entire pipeline inventory displayed in a 5x5 matrix according to a customized risk algorithm. 

Customize your view by selecting a cell in the matrix to narrow down your results, or by switching between Mitigated and Unmitigated views. 

Key details, including each pipeline's Likelihood, Consequence and overall Weighted Risk scores are displayed in the data panel below. 

Risk Matrix.png
Risk Detail.png

Access Detailed Pipeline Risk Profiles

Drill down on any pipeline to see a detailed risk profile. 

Changes in colour represent areas along the length of the pipeline where the risk composition changes. 

Selecting an individual segment reveals a breakdown of the Likelihood and Consequence factors that contribute to the risk score for that section. 

Now that you have risk covered, what about water crossings? 


Pipeline water crossings are an important part of your overall integrity strategy, but managing them isn't always easy. 

You can enhance your overall integrity program by including Converge Crossing Manager as part of your subscription. 

This optional module delivers a unique approach to identifying, prioritizing, categorizing and managing your pipeline water crossings. 

Not sure which modules you need? 

Are you looking for a complete integrity management program? We can help. 

GDM and Explore offer end-to-end integrity managment

Together, GDM Pipelines and Explore Inc. deliver the industry's only end-to-end integrity management solution. 

Explore offers full-service integrity planning and field execution supported by GDM Pipelines' industry-leading data and Converge software. 

At every step, Explore uses the most up-to-date and accurate information to create your customized integrity program. This saves you time and money that might otherwise be spent trying to identify and validate assets. 

Together, we seamlessly integrate information and execution to make your pipeline integrity management programs as effective as possible.