There's a new data layer in Converge!

A new data layer is now available to Converge subscribers!

The Cadastral mapping layer defines the location of survey plans registered with Alberta Land Titles. This includes block lines, lot lines, lot numbers, road limits, right of way limits, metes and bounds, plan numbers, dimensions and other information found on plans of survey.

Combined with our existing Dispositions and Surveys layer, you can now gain even greater insight into your assets and the surrounding area.

We also use this information as part of our ongoing efforts to deliver the most accurate data to the industry. Our team of in-house experts review the right of way and survey information and use this to create spatially accurate pipeline locations. To learn more about how we update and condition our data, click here.

Cadastral, Dispositions and Survey Layers in Converge

Did you know?

In addition to Pipelines, Facilities, Wells and Surveys, Converge also displays Environmental Incidents and Pipeline Crossings.

Subscribers to the Risk Manager module can also view pipelines according to their risk ranking, and visualize high consequence layers such as Land Use, Aboriginal Lands, Population Density and Protected areas that provide context to pipeline risk profiles.

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