Our facility data just keeps on growing...

For several years, GDM has offered facility production data as part of our industry-leading data products. Now, as we continue our mission to grow our data to give customers a complete, accurate and current picture of pipeline and facility operations, we are pleased to let you know that we have expanded our data to include historical production volumes for over 28,000 additional facilities! This data, which is automatically available to current subscribers of GDM’s Enhanced Pipeline and Facility Data, lets you view monthly received and delivered production volumes broken down by substance for individual facilities.

In addition to our data deliveries, this new facility production data is also available in Converge. Simply select a facility to see detailed historical production charts and tables for facilities across Western Canada. You can even customize the view by selecting the specific date range and substances to display.

Want to learn more?

If you aren’t already a subscriber to GDM’s data or to Converge, contact us! We’d be happy to talk with you and tell you more about how you can access this, and the rest of our industry-leading data.