New pipeline risk data is now available in Converge

We have recently updated Converge to include some new pipeline risk consequence data that is available to all users, not just those who subscribe to Converge Risk Manager.

Risk Consequence Layer

A new layer in the map now displays a baseline pipeline risk consequence ranking for all pipelines in Western Canada. Pipelines are colored green, yellow, orange and red according to the severity of consequences (low, medium, high, severe) should an incident occur.

Crossings and Land Features To provide some additional context to the elements that contribute to a pipeline's risk profile, we have also added a summary of Pipeline Crossings and Land Features for each pipeline. Users can now see a list of all water crossings and other crossings (road, rail, transmission) that impact a pipeline.

We have also added a land features table that provides a list of the different factors that contribute to the consequence severity such as whether it impacts aboriginal lands, what the surrounding population density is, and what types of land the pipeline crosses.

Users who already have access to the Risk Manager module will continue to see detailed likelihood and consequence profiles for their entire pipeline inventory. They will also have access to this new information so they can see consequence rankings for every pipeline in Western Canada, not just their own.

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