Looking for insight? We can help!

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

You already know GDM Pipelines as the industry leader and go-to source for the best oil and gas asset information.

But, did you know that we also offer custom reporting and analytics services? Our team of data analysts are experts at compiling, managing, and analyzing data to deliver customized insight based on specific needs.

Some examples of previous reports include:

  • Incident benchmarking – view detailed information for your company’s incidents, as well as a monthly benchmark against peer company releases.

  • Facility compliance reporting – ensure production being stored and transported through operating facilities complies with regulations.

  • Slope susceptibility reports – identify your company’s pipelines that are highest risk for slope movement.

  • Road and water crossing reports – gain insight into where you have pipelines that cross waterbodies, roads, railroads, or powerlines, or identify where you have resource roads that cross waterbodies.

  • High Consequence Area reports – understand where you have pipelines that cross protected or sensitive environmental areas.

Want to know more?

These reports are just the beginning! Is there some information you have been looking for but aren’t sure where to start? Contact Brent at or 587-439-2466 to discuss how we can help!