It's a slippery slope. (Or is it?)

With an increase in the number of pipeline failures resulting from earth movement of unstable slopes, the AER recently released Bulletin 2019-28 which requires that pipeline integrity management programs take slope movement into consideration.

In this bulletin, the AER encourages all operators to:

  • Assess integrity management programs and how they address risk to pipelines as it relates to natural hazards, including slope movement; and

  • Adopt emerging best practices for real-time monitoring of precipitation levels, slope movement and pipe strains of the locations that are most susceptible to failure from slope movement.

Do you know which of your pipelines are at risk?

As the leading source of pipeline data for the oil and gas industry in Western Canada, GDM Pipelines is pleased to offer a free Relative Landslide Susceptibility Report. This customized report identifies your company’s pipelines that are at the highest risk for slope movement so you can incorporate the information into your integrity program.

To help you build out your program even further, we also have tools to manage your pipelines and monitor high stream flow events so you can proactively mitigate any high-risk situations before they occur.

Want to know more?

We would love to help you get started! Contact Brent Barkhouse at or 403-547-9100 x 113 to receive your free report today!