GDM Product Spotlight: Low Pressure Gas

You may already be aware that GDM provides the oil and gas industry with industry-leading enhanced pipeline and facility data, but did you know we also distribute Low Pressure Gas data?

This GIS-ready data product includes all low-pressure distribution pipelines in Alberta, outside of major cities and First Nation Reserves.

The database includes the accurate spatial location of distribution lines, which are validated against delivery locations and rural gas franchise boundaries to ensure spatial consistency. Additional attributes include operator, status, outside diameter, pipeline material and service points. Contact information for each franchise is also available for easy access and reference.

This month, we will be releasing an enhancement which also allows you to see the franchise boundaries. If you are a subscriber, you will automatically receive this new information. If you’d like to find out more about how you can subscribe, contact us. We’d be happy to chat!

Low Pressure Gas is just one of the many comprehensive data products we have available. To learn more about our other products including Pipelines, Gas Plants and Facilities, Environmental Incidents, Transportation Infrastructure and Frontier Land, visit us here.