Finding the road less traveled just got easier.

TID contains resource roads across Western Canada

Did you know that in addition to our industry-leading enhanced pipeline and facility data, GDM also distributes TID, the Transportation Infrastructure Database?

So, what is TID?

TID is the only integrated source of transportation information that integrates private resource roads into the most current coverage of public roads and networks.

This topologically accurate road network features several attributes such as road names, ownership, route classifications with private and public designations, road restrictions, connectivity to well sites and facilities, as well as public land dispositions.

We have recently added over 13,000 public roads to our database, which already contained over 1.6 million km of roads, including over 220,000 km of resource roads licensed by the energy, forestry, mining, and recreational industries. This means you have access to the most complete, accurate and current source of transportation data available.

How can you use it?

This information is a key source when it comes to activities such as developing Emergency Response Plans, managing road-use agreements, and determining the most effective routes to well sites and facilities across Western Canada.

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