4 Simple Ways to Enhance Your Pipeline Data

Did you know that GDM offers ways for you to update and customize your pipeline data?

Here’s how…

Enrich Your Attributes

Our data includes over 100 pipeline attributes. Not every attribute is populated for every pipeline, but you can add your own data to build out the operational profile of your assets and ensure everything is stored in one central location.

Add Your Corporate Hierarchy

To make it easier to organize your assets, you can also add your corporate hierarchy. Attach your company’s District, Area, Field, Run and Company Line ID to every pipeline so you can use these fields as reference to easily search for groups of assets.

Insert Your Comments*

Keep track of relevant notes and updates for future reference by you or members of your company by adding comments to individual pipelines.

Attach Your Documents*

GDM already has hundreds of thousands of documents associated to the assets in our database, which you can easily access. Now, you can also add your own documents so everything you need is stored in the same place.

Contact us to find out more about options for enhancing your data!

*Note: Comment and Document attachments are only available through Converge.