Got documents?

Updated: August 2019

It’s a problem. You need to know some historical information about your oil and gas assets but you can’t find the details you need. You are pretty sure the original documents exist…somewhere. But, you have no idea where to even begin looking for documents from years, or even decades, ago.

We can help!

GDM has an extensive collection of current and historical documents for assets across Western Canada, such as licensing approval documents, survey plans and engineering and specification documents. Our coverage includes over 75% of unlicensed lines, and 100% of licensed lines in Saskatchewan, available exclusively through GDM.

Our repository is growing daily, but here is a snapshot of our current inventory:

The best part is everything is easily accessible using Converge. Every document is attached to the associated asset. So, you are always just a few clicks away from having any information you need.

Want to stop looking for documents and start finding answers? Contact us to get started.