View Crossings and Make Annotations in Converge

Our latest release of Converge includes new tools and information to help make it easier to understand your assets and keep track of notes and information related to areas that you operate. This includes a suite of annotation tools and enhanced information related to pipeline crossings.


Annotation tools are now available for users to add mark ups and text comments to any place on the map. The notes can be printed, or can be saved as individual projects and recalled later for future reference or editing.

Crossing Layer

In addition to the Pipeline Crossing Report and the Water Crossing Prioritization Report, we have expanded the crossing information in Converge to include a Crossing Layer which lets you visualize the location and type of crossings in the map. This includes water crossings, road crossings and power line crossings. Simply use the info tool to reveal details for each crossing such as the type of crossing, location (lat/long), name of water body and the approval/line number of the impacted pipeline.

For more information on these or any of the features available in Converge, contact