Documents and Incidents have been added to Converge

As we continue to offer our customers the most comprehensive view of their oil and gas asset data available in the market, we are pleased to let you know that our latest release of Converge includes Regulatory Documents and Incident data!

Regulatory Documents

Finding a regulatory document is as simple as opening up the information card for an asset and clicking on the Documents tab. Available documents can be downloaded directly from the site. Or, if there is an event listed with no documents attached, simply contact GDM and we will retrieve the document for you.

What documents are available?

  • Alberta Pipeline Documents: Available beginning late 2015; list of events available back to 2005

  • Alberta Facility Documents: Available beginning 2011; list of events available back to 1996

  • Alberta Well Documents: Available beginning late 2015; list of events available back to 1997

  • Saskatchewan Pipeline Documents: Available beginning 2005 (earlier documents are constantly being added)


You now have the ability to easily search for and visualize incidents in the map. Use the search function to create a custom query based on the incident attributes or turn on the Incident layer in the map to easily see where there have been incidents and drill deeper to see more details.

Also, in case you may have missed it, here is a list of some of the other exciting features we have added over the past few months:

  • Labels - Turn on labels in the map to easily identify attributes for pipelines, wells or facilities for all assets in view.

  • Licensed and Enhanced Toggle – switch between a purely regulated and updated view of pipelines

  • Customizable Layers – turn pipeline, facility and well layers off or on

  • One Call Reports – easily generate a list of your company’s pipelines to submit to One Call organizations

  • Water Crossing Prioritization Report – display a calculated ranking of pipeline water crossings

For more information on these or any of the features available in Converge, contact