1.7 million documents. One location.

As part of the continued development of our comprehensive data products, we are pleased to let you know that we have expanded our available document collection to include close to 1.7 million regulatory documents!

Our collection covers documents for pipelines, wells and facilities and includes application forms, approval documents, disposition documents, engineering assessments, project maps, schematics and survey plans, among others.

It also spans all regulatory bodies including the Alberta Energy Regulator, Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy and Resources, BC Oil and Gas Commission, Manitoba Petroleum Branch and the National Energy Board. Documents associated to unlicensed flowlines in Saskatchewan are also included.

Using these documents, you can:

  • Access details about previous amendments to an assets

  • View current operational details

  • Gather information to help validate Saskatchewan flowline data to help in preparation for upcoming licensing changes

  • Get a complete understanding of the historical operations of an asset

  • Begin to understand the risk and liability associated to your assets

Our collection of documents is constantly growing, as we add new regulatory documents every day. You can also add your own documents to any asset so they can be stored alongside other regulatory details. The best part is these documents remain proprietary to you, so you can have a central repository for all your information and be confident knowing it is secure and protected.

How can you get them?

Documents are easily accessible through our Converge software. Simply search for the asset you’re interested in and you’ll find all available documents which can be easily viewed, saved, or printed for your records.

Interested in learning more?

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