Assessing Western Canada's Readiness to Compete in an Emerging Hydrogen Economy

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As the experts in understanding Western Canadian oil and gas infrastructure for over 20 years, GDM Pipelines has begun the process of analyzing current infrastructure to determine which assets can be used, both in the short and long term, to transport hydrogen. 

In this paper, we identify the journey that will lead us to an energy transition, from Supplemental Blending at low concentrations (up to 5% H2 by volume), through to a pure hydrogen economy.

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We evaluate the readiness of current infrastructure, as well as considerations for safety, the environment, integrity management, and regulatory concerns. We also take a deeper dive into the requirements for assessing infrastructure to determine suitability to take on higher percentages of hydrogen, and what this will mean for end users, both now and in the future.

We invite you to download a copy and become part of the conversation about this new and exciting direction for the oil and gas industry in Western Canada. 

But wait...there's more! 

GDM recently released a follow-on analysis titled "What do we do with CO2? Assessing pipeline infrastructure requirements for CO2 transport" where we we take a deeper dive into the integrity considerations, regulatory requirements, and infrastructure conditions needed for pipelines to be re-purposed for CO2 transport. Get a copy of it here