Know your assets.

Manage your risk.

If you are searching for the most up-to-date asset information to help make critical business decisions, look no further. 

GDM leads the Oil and Gas industry by delivering accurate, complete and current data solutions. Each database is meticulously maintained to ensure our customers have access to the best available information.


Our data solutions include Pipelines, Gas Plants and Facilities, Transportation, Utilities, Incidents and Frontier Land. The information is available as data files for those who need to work with the raw data. It is also incorporated into several industry applications, enabling users to consume the information in the way that best suits their needs.

Data Solutions


Complete and current pipeline data including field validated attributes and spatially accurate locations 


Comprehensive road information including lease and resource roads

Gas Plants & Facilities

Detailed Oil and Gas facility information, including accurate locations and operational details


Low pressure distribution pipeline coverage


Current and historical environmental incidents for wells, pipelines and facilities

Frontier Land

Current Canadian Frontier mineral lease data

Coverage Map

Click on a location to see the available data. 

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