Pipeline Water Crossing Management. 


There are almost 314,000 pipeline water crossings in Western Canada. 
Do you know how many belong to you? 

Pipeline water crossings. They are an important part of your overall integrity strategy. But, simply identifying the location of your crossings can be a challenge. Even the very definition of a water crossing might leave you scratching your head. 

Help has finally arrived. Converge Crossing Manager is the only integrity software solution that helps you identify, create and manage a complete water crossing inspection program. 

With Converge Crossing Manager, you can...

Identify water crossings

Identify all water crossings associated with your pipelines

Crossing dashboard

View each crossing in a categorized and prioritized dashboard

Inspection plan

Create a custom inspection plan based on your needs and budget

Inspection documents

Generate inspection forms and attach completed documents to each crossing

Respond tohigh water events

Proactively manage crossings that could be impacted by high water events

Crossing dashbord

View Your Complete Crossing Inventory

The Water Crossing Dashboard displays your complete crossing inventory in pre-set categories for easy reference and organization. 

Each crossing is also assigned a priority score based on its Status, Substance, Material, H2S Content, Age and the size of the impacted water body, allowing you to determine which crossings require the most immediate attention as you build out your year-over-year inspection plans. 

Create and Manage Your Inspection Plan

Creating inspection plans is simple using the Plan Builder. 

Crossings are visually plotted on thet map and tagged with their category and priority so you can easiliy identify the highest priority crossings. 

With the click of a bbutton, you can assign a Depth of Cover or Visual Inspection and instantly generate the inspection forms with key pipeline attributes already populated. 

The Work Plan indicates which inspections are still pending and which are complete, and the Last Inspection Status lets you see whether a crossing has previously passed or failed an inspection. 

Crossing Plan Builder
Water Level Alert

Pro-Actively Monitor Changes

Water levels are monitored in real-time, providing immediate feedback any time the levels exceed normal thresholds. 

If any of your pipeline crossings are within these areas, you can easily see which crossings may be impacted, allowing you to proactively mitigate any potential incidents. 

Want to learn more about best practices for pipeline water crossing management?

GDM and Explore have created the 4 Step Guide to Effective Pipeline Water Crossing Management. In it, you'll learn about best practices that include identifying pipeline water crossings, designing an inspection program and ensuring you are using resources as efficiently as possible. 

If you operate pipelines in Western Canada and you don't already have a water crossing program in place, you don't want to miss this! 

Crossing EBook.PNG

Now that you have crossings covered, what about your overall pipeline integrity program? 

Converge Risk Manager

Converge Risk Manager uses GDM Pipelines' industry-leading data to generate on-demand risk scores for every pipeline in Western Canada. 

You can see a complete summary of your company's pipeline risk, as well as detailed risk profiles for individual pipelines. 

Not sure which modules you need? 

Are you looking for a complete integrity management program? We can help. 

GDM and Explore offer end-to-end integrity managment

Together, GDM Pipelines and Explore Inc. deliver the industry's only end-to-end integrity management solution. 

Explore offers full-service integrity planning and field execution supported by GDM Pipelines' industry-leading data and Converge software. 

At every step, Explore uses the most up-to-date and accurate information to create your customized integrity program. This saves you time and money that might otherwise be spent trying to identify and validate assets. 

Together, we seamlessly integrate information and execution to make your pipeline integrity management programs as effective as possible.