Converge puts the oil and gas data you need
right at your fingertips. 

Where are assets located? Who owns them? What is their current status?  
It should be simple, but it can be a struggle to answer these questions. 


Converge makes it easy. 

Wherever you are, you can access information about oil and gas assets across Canada through Converge's intuitive online interface. You can also generate reports and analytics to gain insight into current and historical operating conditions. 

And, you'll have confidence knowing you are using the only oil and gas software application that fully incorporates GDM's industry-leading data

With Converge, you can...

Daily Data Updates

Get the most current information with daily data updates

Store and manage data

Store and manage information in a central location

Reports and analytics

Gain insight using built-in reports and analytics

Regulatory documents

Access regulatory documents or attach your own files to any asset

Print maps

Print maps in a range of sizes up to 22" x 34"

Converge Main Screen.png

Intuitive Interface and Tools

Converge's map-based, intuitive interface lets you easily search for any asset using a variety of attributes such as License Number, Operating Status, Licensee or Location to name a few. 

The map view can be customized by turning layers off or on, adding labels, toggling between topographic and imagery backgrounds, or filtering the view to see only your assets. You can also switch between a Licensed or Enhanced view to see the regulatory record or GDM's spatially corrected and updated view of data

Common features such as printing, annotations and distance measurement tools are also accessible from the main map toolbar. 

Comprehensive Asset Profiles

View a detailed profile for any Pipeline, Well, or Facility including a list of attributes and information about any associated environmental incidents. 

Pipeline summaries also include an elevation profile graph, as well as risk profiles and a list of pipeline water crossings for each asset (Risk Manager and Crossing Manager subscriptions are required). 

Pipeline Detail Screen
Regulatory Documents

Instant Access to Documents

Documents associated to assets are available for download, including regulatory records for every licensed pipeline in Saskatchewan. 

You can also attach your own documents to any asset and easily retrieve them for future reference. 

Looking for pipeline integrity management software? 

Converge also has modules for Risk and Water Crossing Management. 

Converge Risk Manager

Access on-demand risk scores for every pipeline in Western Canada, as well as tools to manage your pipeline integrity program. 

Converg Crossing Manager

View a categorized and prioritized list of your pipeline water crossings and manage your complete inspection program in one place.

Not sure which modules you need?