The Simplest, Most Cost-Effective Connectivity Tool. Period. 

When it comes to managing your assets, understanding relationships is key. You need to visualize how each asset is connected, and how those connections impact each asset and the surrounding environment. Once you have this valuable insight, you can use it to make critical operational decisions.


Included as part of your base Converge subscription, Connectivity Manager makes it easy to identify connections and create system diagrams that give you a holistic understanding of your network.

These individual asset and system connections form the basis of the North American Energy Network.

With Converge Connectivity Manager, you can...


Easily create system diagrams with little training required


Speed up diagram creation using Network Suggestions


Include 3rd party assets to create a complete picture of your network


Add pig launchers and receivers, tie-in points, tanks and trucks to your system diagrams


Save, share and print system diagrams

Network Suggestion - monitor.png

Cost-Effective, Simplified Connectivity

Converge Connectivity Manager is included as part of your base subscription to no extra cost. Any user in your company can view diagrams, and designated users are able to create, edit or delete diagrams.


It is the only connectivity solution on the market that includes our proprietary Network Suggestion tool to intuitively identify what assets may be inputs or outputs for a selected asset. You will be presented with a list of assets which are likely connected…just select any or all that apply, and they will be automatically added to your diagram. It's that simple. 

Intuitive, Drag-and-Drop Interface

Converge Connectivity Manager is the easiest-to-use connectivity tool available. Simply select a group of assets from the map and drag them on to the canvas to create your system diagram. Assets can easily be moved around to position them exactly where you want them.


System diagrams can include both your assets, and 3rd party assets, for a complete picture of your integrated systems. Diagrams remain proprietary to the company that created them, so you can be confident knowing your information is protected.

Diagram with selection - monitor.png
System Areas - monitor.png

Complete, Persistent Data

With data that is updated daily, you always have the most accurate and current data available to create your system diagrams. Status or substance changes are also immediately updated in the diagram so you don’t need to spend time keeping track of changes or making updates to existing diagrams.


In addition to licensed assets such as pipelines, wells and facilities, you can also include elements such as pig launchers and receivers, headers, risers and storage tanks. You can assign attributes to each of these features and this data is saved as part of the diagram so you always have access to it.


Need to share your diagrams with others in the company? No problem. They can be saved, shared and printed any time you need them.

Looking to complete your pipeline integrity program? 

Converge also has modules for Risk and Water Crossing Management. 

Converge Risk Manager

Access on-demand risk scores for every pipeline in Western Canada, as well as tools to manage your pipeline integrity program. 

Converg Crossing Manager

View a categorized and prioritized list of your pipeline water crossings and manage your complete inspection program in one place.

Not sure which modules you need?