Get the data you need.

Where, when and how you need it. 

GDM Pipelines has been the trusted source for oil and gas data in Canada for over 20 years.


As an industry leader, we also recognize the importance of creating a holistic understanding of your complete energy infrastructure. We know that identifying the relationship between each asset, and their impact on each other, is the key to making effective operational decisions.


With our data and software solutions, we bring together information that was once isolated and visualize it on a macro scale, creating context for your entire energy infrastructure.


We call this the North American Energy Network.

Our data is available any way you need it.

Oil and gas asset data

Do you want high-quality data to create your own queries and analysis? 

We offer oil and gas asset data across Canada and the Northern US in a variety of formats.


Do you want to see oil and gas assets on a map so you can view attributes and reports? 

Access our data and built-in analytics tools, including Connectivity using Converge asset intelligence software. 

Pipeline Integrity Softwae

Are you looking for insight into the risk associated with your pipelines?

View detailed risk profiles and water crossings using Converge Risk Manager and Crossing Manager


Custom Data Solutions

Do you need help with data management or do you need custom reporting? 

Our team can provide guidance and create reports and analytics based on your specific needs. 

Not sure which option is best for you? 

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